Best cardio workout at home: 20-minute bodyweight routine


There is a lot to love about cardio training. It can help lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular functioning while delivering a rush of endorphins, as SELF previously reported.

The best part, however? You don’t have to do a complicated or intense workout to reap these benefits. In fact, users of all skill levels can get their best cardio workout at home by performing traditional bodyweight movements at home – no training classes or jogging required. Take a look at this week’s one Sweat with SOI training for proof.

Led by trainers Astrid Swan and Davis Ridge, this 20-minute, no-equipment routine is the first part of a six-part cardio series. This particular workout follows a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) format, which means you’ll alternate between bursts of maximum effort work and short periods of rest. Along the way, you’ll perform simple but effective movements like jumping jacks, shoulder slaps and plank walks. If that sounds intimidating to you, don’t worry – there are many modification options that will help you adjust this workout to your fitness level.

So if you are ready for the best cardio workout at home, grab a mat and follow the video below. Or, if you prefer to move at your own pace, keep scrolling through step-by-step workout instructions and GIFs for each exercise.

Training instructions

You will do this tour 6 times. The first time is a warm-up, then you will speed up the pace for the next 5 laps.

In the warm-up round, do each exercise for the designated time, taking 10 to 15 seconds to transition between movements. For the next 5 laps, do each exercise for the designated time, then move on to the next exercise in the sequence, resting as little as possible. Rest for about 30 seconds between turns.

Note: You will only do the chest opening for the first round.


  • Jumping Jack x 20 seconds
  • Jack Seal x 20 seconds
  • Arm Circle Jack x 20 seconds
  • Board Shoulder Tap x 30 seconds
  • Dog descending to the board carried x 30 seconds
  • Plank walk x 30 seconds
  • Chest opener x 20 seconds (repeat on each side; done on first round only)

* Rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit 5 more times.


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