Ben Affleck’s Batman Diet and Workout Routine


Ben Affleck is a well-known American filmmaker and actor with various accolades such as Golden Globe Awards, Academy Awards, and Volpi Cup. He also owns a production company called Pearl Street Films and an advocacy-based non-profit organization known as the Eastern Congo Initiative.

Affleck played one of the most popular characters in the DC Universe – Batman – which he absolutely nailed. He trained with his longtime fitness trainer, Walter Norton Junior. Affleck worked extremely hard day in and day out, as he was aware that audience expectations of the character would also revolve around his physical appearance.

To prepare for this role, Affleck focused not only on gaining muscle but also on physical and mental health to play the character effectively on screen. So, let’s look at the diet and workout routine that Ben Affleck adopted for Batman.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Workout Routine

Norton constantly modified and created a new training program for Affleck with goals relentlessly targeting every muscle group throughout the body. His workout routine focused on adding muscle mass and building body strength, as the bat suit worn by the actor weighed around 75 pounds.

Affleck’s main goal during training was to build muscle in the body without losing too much weight, and he kept cardio training to a minimum. Norton recalls that Affleck started his workout with cardio exercises for about 10 to 15 minutes and didn’t go over that. They included exercises such as bicycle sprints and elliptical exercises.

Affleck went through heavy and strenuous workouts to build muscle. They included both free weight-based and bodyweight exercises. They included exercises such as Farmer’s Walk, cable rows, planks, lunges, heavily loaded lifts, and dumbbell curls. He trained for about two hours a day, which was basically split into three blocks, to get his body ripped.

The first block consisted of warm-ups and movement exercises. These were inchworms, calf stretches, Spiderman, planks, rumble rollers and elliptical workouts.

Block two of the workout routine focused on strengthening and training the body. It included exercises such as the shoulder bridge, pull-ups, half-kneeling rows, hanging knees, dumbbell farmer’s walk, and back bridge.

Block three of the workout routine focuses on building strength and body fitness. It included exercises such as goblet squats, bicycle sprints, seated row grips, alternating dumbbell curls, side squats, and V-pulls.

Norton has constantly tweaked and changed these exercises to keep the muscles guessing and to effectively target all muscles.

Affleck has always performed crucial and critical exercises, such as pull-ups and chin-ups. These basic exercises helped him with both Batman’s physical strength and muscle mass.

Ben Affleck’s Batman Diet

Ben Affleck worked with nutritionist Rehan Jaladi to get into Batman shape. They designed a diet very specific to the nutritional needs of the actor. Carbohydrates were minimized and sodium intake was limited while dairy products were avoided. Her small carb intake came from healthy sources, such as brown rice, oatmeal, and leafy vegetables.


Affleck’s breakfast usually involved egg whites with banana and oatmeal. It helped him keep his energy up and get on with his day.


Her lunch usually consisted of lean proteins such as grilled chicken breast and baked sweet potato.

Having dinner

Affleck’s dinner typically included lean proteins, such as baked chicken breast or grilled salmon, as well as steamed Brussels sprouts and broccoli.


Affleck usually had healthy snacks between meals to keep him full. They range from unsalted almonds and apples to protein bars. He also took a protein shake in the morning before breakfast to keep up with an intense workout routine.


Ben Affleck is definitely one of Hollywood’s best-known icons who has inspired millions.

His portrayal of the iconic Batman character has garnered a lot of praise, especially for his physical transformation. Even in his 40s, he wasn’t afraid to put himself through a rigorous diet and workout routine for the movie.

In an interview, Affleck said he was in control of his physical appearance. If he fails in a role, it shouldn’t be something he had control over and could have been easily avoided. So he spared no effort to bulk up and strengthen his body for Batman.

Ben Affleck has shown that you can get the body of your dreams with hard work and consistency.

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