Bathinda man walks 3,200km to raise fitness awareness: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Bathinda, January 25

A 24-year-old man walked from Bathinda to Kanyakumari, covering a distance of over 3,200 km. Deepak Singh from Parasram Nagar in Bathinda started his journey in September last year and after crossing eight states he reached Kanyakumari in January. It took him 116 days to complete his journey on foot.

Speaking of this, Deepak said, “After Covid, our lives were limited to our homes. Outdoor activities have decreased and due to this there has been an increase in various health problems. I took this journey to raise awareness about fitness and the importance of healthy living.

“After the Covid pandemic, the majority of us had started working from home and except for a few health conscious people, there was hardly any physical activity by people. As a result, apart from other diseases, there has been an increase in the number of patients suffering from hypertension, diabetes, increased cholesterol levels, mental stress and eye diseases, among others,” Deepak said. , who works in a private company based in Bathinda.

Deepak said, “I used to travel around 35-40 km a day and faced many difficulties along the way, but people from different states were helpful and made the trip easier. . I used to interact with them on the way and motivated them to incorporate walking into their daily routine to stay physically fit. From the rich experiences I have had with people during my journey, I believe that I have succeeded in inspiring a number of people to change their way of life.


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