“Bannatyne has become my safe place,” says Carlisle health club member



Megan Cupid with Managing Director, Steph Counter

A member of Bannatyne Carlisle Health Club shared his journey in mental health and demonstrated the positive effects that physical fitness can have on mental health.

Megan Cupid, 25, has lived with anxiety since she was 15 and started her first job. After asking for help, Megan was advised to use medication to help her cope with the symptoms and eventually her pills consumption increased to 14 per day.

Megan said: “I first felt I needed support when I left school and entered the world of work. This step was huge, and I became extremely anxious. I will always remember telling my grandmother that I needed help because I was not normal. He always told me I didn’t need help, I needed support and he was right. He used to say, ‘no one is a normal girl’.

Megan, who worked at Walby Farm Park for ten years supporting the food service, found that everything in life was tough and the drugs made her numb. After realizing that she was not in good health and was wasting her life being a “house mouse”, never going out, Megan decided to join the Bannatyne Health Club in Carlisle.

She continued, “I became a house mouse, it was not healthy. Realizing that I was wasting my life, I knew something had to change or else I wasn’t going to get better. After trying other gyms that I wasn’t comfortable with, my friend suggested I try Bannatyne’s.

“To walk through that door for the first time was a huge achievement. I felt relaxed and made at home by the staff, who are always friendly and happy to help. Bannatyne has become my safe place!

“I walked into the gym with a negative frame of mind and left with a positive frame of mind. Exercise became my stress reliever and I didn’t even realize how much progress I had made.

After discovering comfort at the Bannatyne Fitness Center, Megan set out to improve her mental and physical health in an effort to become stronger, but also to offer support to other people during their “gray days.” “.

Megan added, “Living with mental health issues is difficult and some days are worse than others.

“You have to remember that you are not alone. Not everyone needs medical help, but we can all benefit from the support and comfort of others.

“I would like to say a big thank you to my friends, family and work family, but also to the staff at Bannatyne, especially Steph, who supported me and gave me the courage to tell my story. Hope this helps someone get through this difficult time, never feel lonely.



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