Bailiffs sent to seize the gym equipment of the Bacup health club to repay historic debts


A community health club is no longer operated by a recreation trust after bailiffs were sent to seize equipment to pay off historic debts.

In April 2019, Rossendale Leisure Trust entered into a partnership agreement with the owners of the Pioneer Community Health Club, on Park Road in Bacup.

Although a sale was arranged for the Trust to take over, no document had been signed.

A historic creditor then took legal action against the owners, and on Wednesday morning, court-appointed bailiffs arrived to seize gym equipment in payment of an unpaid debt.

This resulted in the gymnasium being closed.

Rossendale Leisure Trust chief executive Ken Masser posted a video on Wednesday on the Pioneer Community Health Studio’s Facebook page to explain in more detail what happened at the club.

He said: “We are saddened to inform you that the Rossendale Leisure Trust partnership with Pioneer Health Studio will end today.

“Since the trust became the managing agent for the Pioneer Community Health Club in 2019, the business has grown.

“The Leisure Trust has fully supported employees, customers and gym owners throughout the Covid pandemic, including the ongoing payment of all costs and additional investments in the facility.

“Unfortunately, the Trust was recently informed that one of the gymnasium’s historic creditors has taken legal action against the owner of the gymnasium and the court has appointed bailiffs to seize the gymnasium’s equipment as payment for the historic debt. .

“Over the past few weeks, the Trust team has been working hard with the gym owner, the creditor and the bailiffs to try to reach a resolution, including reaching an agreement to purchase the assets of the business and secure the property. long-term future of the gym.

“However, the owner of the gym has since decided not to proceed with the sale and, with the bailiffs arriving on site to remove the equipment, we now feel that we have no choice but to come out of our deal. partnership. ”

The Trust is now exploring other ways to provide health and fitness opportunities to Bacup and wish to continue supporting the community to stay healthy and healthy.

All Leisure Trust employees who were based at Pioneer were redeployed to the Trust’s other activities and no one lost their jobs.

Mr Masser added, “In the meantime, all Rossendale Leisure Trust members who use the Pioneer Community Health Club will have full and continuous access to our other fitness facilities in Rawtenstall, Haslingden and Whitworth as well as 18 other community recreation across East Lancashire on

If customers would like to discuss their membership, they should contact [email protected]

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