Angela Bassett’s workout and diet routine at 64


At 64, Angela Bassett looks just as stunning. The beautiful and popular American actress is proof that age is just a number and that you can stay fit and look young past 60.

Angela Bassett is recognized for her excellent screen performances. She has played historical female characters, such as singer Tina Turner in What’s love got to do with itRosa Parks at The story of Rosa Parksand Coretta Scott King in Betty and Coretta. She breathes life into these “real” women through an excellent acting method honed by her training at Yale.

She stays in shape with an incredible diet and exercise program that she has been following for several years now. Her healthy physique and bewitching smile are proof of years of hard work on her fitness. She inspires her followers to make fitness a part of everyday life and defeat aging.

Don’t we want to know what her routine is? What does she do to maintain her body? What about his diet? Does she follow a special diet or does she just eat what she likes? Read on to learn more about this amazing actress’ workout and diet routine that’s helping her stay looking as young as ever.

Angela Bassett’s Workout Routine

The sixty-year-old actress is a constant sportswoman. She is disciplined, strict and even exercises on busy days.

Angela trains twice a week with her personal trainer and is wholeheartedly committed to her training. For her, it’s about getting up and showing up at the gym. The actress feels responsible for her own body.

As a rule, she trains in the morning because she thinks her motivation to train decreases as the day progresses. Her workout routine is a mix of cardio and strength training, as well as yoga.

She loves doing cardio on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, she does strength training because on those days she mainly eats a high-protein diet. On Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Bassett prefers meditation and massage, followed by a low-impact yoga session, because on those days she’s mostly consuming fat, albeit good fat.

His ultimate goal with the workouts is to try and do them more often than not. Along with a consistent workout schedule, Angela also prefers outdoor activities that are fun but good for her fitness. She recently took a 3 mile walk through the Rose Bowl with her girlfriends.

The Angela Bassett Diet

Bassett is super specific when it comes to his diet. She doesn’t follow any particular diet, but yes, she makes it a point to eat a healthy and nutritious diet whenever possible. Although Angela likes to eat her favorite foods from time to time, she mostly prefers clean, homemade foods.

For the first two days of the week, she can eat carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables, followed by vegetables and good lean protein for the next two days. She eats absolutely zero fat during those four days, but the last three days of the week are filled with good fats for the actress, which include foods like salmon, almond butter, coconut oil. , almonds, etc.

Angela Bassett’s daily menu does not include any dairy-based items. So instead of bread flour, she mostly relies on Ezekiel bread and opts for almond milk instead of any type of animal milk.

So this was Angela Bassett’s workout and diet routine.

The actress swears by great cardio moves, weight training, intense yoga sessions and clean food, and makes sure her daily routine is exciting.

According to Angela Bassett, it’s very important to keep your diet and exercise routine interesting so that you are motivated to continue with them every day. For her, the meaning of true joy is feeling peaceful and happy inside, and that’s something that helps her age so gracefully.

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