Ajman: biggest sports craze ‘Padel Tennis’ arrives at Thumbay Medicity


Press release

Ajman, November 17: Padel Tennis is an upbeat, ultra-trendy and exciting new racquet sport that is sweeping the world. Combining elements of tennis and squash, padel tennis is fast, sociable and easy to learn. The game can be enjoyed by all ages and abilities and a game of Padel helps burn 400-700 calories. Many celebrities like Andy Murray, British tennis player and Lionel Messi, Argentinian footballer love Padel Tennis. So now the question that arises is Where to padel in Ajman? Well Body and Soul Health Club and Spa, the award-winning network of health clubs operated by the hotel division of the Thumbay Group, opened new padel courts for members and non-members in Ajman in November.

Body and Soul Health Club and Spa, has partnered with Padel Loco and Padel Factory to create a unique sports site making Thumbay Medicity a leading integrated health, fitness and leisure center offering 3 hospitals, a university , a health club, laboratory, food court, cafes and many more exciting attractions to be added in the near future.

Mohamed Abdulla Almarzooqi and Harith Mohammed Almarzooqi, who are instrumental in introducing Padel Loco to the Body & Soul Health Club and Spa, said Ajman: “The UAE has fully jumped on this padel tennis craze because this game is really addicting, dynamic and fun. Most people, whether they are newbies or experienced tennis players, can learn the basics in 30 minutes, then they are ready for a whole world of fun. At Padel Loco, we are happy to partner with Thumbay Medicity to bring this sport to the Body and Soul Health Club and Spa. We are determined to make it one of the hippest, most impeccable places to play Padel Tennis. “

Imran Ansari, Health Club Director, Body & Soul Health Club and Spa, Ajman, said: “We are proud that Padel Loco is opening its doors as many of our members and sports enthusiasts were delighted to have Padel Tennis on our site. The game is great for cardiovascular health as well as bare muscle fitness, as it integrates hand-eye coordination with agility and endurance. Our health club has 2 swimming pools, aqua aerobics, gymnasiums, badminton courts, table tennis, squash, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. With Padel we have become “THE COMPLETE FAMILY HEALTH CLUB” with unparalleled facilities and services. “

The facility was inaugurated on November 13 by Abdul Salam, health club safety supervisor as guest of honor. Overwhelmed with emotions, Abdul Salam thanked the management of Thumbay Group for their benevolent gesture and saluting their loyal services for 19 years.

Speaking on the occasion, Farhad Moideen C, Director of Hospitality and Leisure, Thumbay Group said: “The congratulation of an employee is part of the rewards and recognition initiative adopted by Thumbay Group. We are proud to have Salam as our main guest because he represents the loyalty, dedication and respect that are the hallmarks of our team. It is a pleasure to have Padel Loco in the Body & Soul Health Club, which sets us apart as a pioneer of lifestyle health clubs in the region. “

Open to members as well as non-members, the Health Club currently offers 2 courts which can be booked for 120 AED during off-peak hours or 180 AED during peak hours from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

About the Body and Soul Health Club and Spa

Body and Soul is an internationally inspired leisure management company owned and operated by Thumbay Group UAE. The company specializes in the planning, design and management of high-end health and leisure facilities and luxury spas. The brand currently has five outlets in the United Arab Emirates, including “elite” and “women-only” clubs. Body and Soul Health Club and Spa serves as a unique destination offering extensive sports, recreation, fitness, health, social and youth programs. It is one of the few companies that specializes in providing a full set of advice and management solutions to developers, owners, hotels and resorts considering the development of a spa, health club en forme, a wellness center, a leisure or fitness center.

About Padel Tennis

Padel is usually played in doubles on an enclosed court about 25% smaller than the size of a tennis court. The score is the same as in normal tennis and the balls used are similar but with a little less pressure. The main differences are that the field has walls and the balls can be played in the same way as in the game of squash and strong, cordless bats are used. The height of the served ball must be equal to or less than the waist level.


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