After some back and forth, new healthcare provider expands to Greenville County



Molina Health of South Carolina is expanding its market presence in Greenville County next year.

The corporate health insurance market, known as Exchange, will be available in 13 more counties in 2021, including Greenville, and includes free preventive care services, including testing, family planning and preventative drugs. In addition, the plan includes expanded telemedicine services and free pediatric vision services.

This is good news for Greenville, according to Guy Furay, president of The source of assurance, but he was quick to point out that the expansion didn’t always look so promising.

“We have been craving competition for years; competition is good for consumers, and we love it, ”Furay said. “But we want to have all the plans to have meaningful competition.”

Furay refers to what he believed to be an inadequate level of service initially offered by Molina. When the company first announced plans to expand to Greenville, Molina was going to partner with Spartanburg Regional, but did not plan to offer hospital access in Greenville County itself. same.

“This means that if you buy Molina health care, you will have to travel 35 miles to Spartanburg to use a hospital,” Furray said. “We found this unacceptable.

What followed was a guerrilla marketing campaign involving the Insurance Department, Gov. Henry McMaster’s staff, and a letter-writing campaign to ensure the state’s largest county did not no longer limited options for health care.

Last week, Tina Padron, executive director of Molina, announced that the company had signed a contract with Bon Secours so that Molina’s clients could access care at a local hospital.

Furay said the news allowed him and others in public relations to breathe easier.

“People who receive cheap care like this are also the most vulnerable,” he said. “Some of them don’t even have transportation to easily get to the hospital. So that’s something we’re very excited about, and we want to thank them for it. “



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