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CENTERVILLE – Just in time for 2017 and New Year’s resolutions, a new business has moved to Main Street.

The Wholesome Health Club, located at 1871 Main Street, will open on January 2. The company specializes in training in small groups.

Jacob Smith, founder of the company, has always dreamed of opening a fitness studio and that dream came true about three years ago when the Wholesome Health Club opened its first location in his hometown North Branch.

“From the start I grew up in a health conscious home and played football. I have always been interested in training and helping people to be healthy and fit,” he said. he declared.

Prior to opening the business, Jacob obtained his personal training certification and worked in various studios. After familiarizing himself with the industry through hands-on experience, he decided it was time to start working on his own business plan.

About two years ago, his brother Zakhary Smith became a partner in the company. Zakhary grew up playing soccer and running. While studying at Bethel University for a degree in business and playing soccer, he realized that his real passion was health and fitness. He left school and started training with his brother.

Amanda Essling, of Stacey, will be the head coach at Centerville and teach most of the classes. Essling grew up as a gymnast. After graduating from high school, she competed in half marathons and Ragnar relays. A few of her friends took part in bodybuilding competitions and she thought it looked like fun, so she became a member of Wholesome Health. She joined in November 2015 and participated in her first bodybuilding competition in March. Essling began observing an instructor position at Wholesome Health in October and began teaching in November.

Jacob and Zakhary took part in men’s physique and bodybuilding competitions. “The most important thing when it comes to a personal trainer is lifestyle. Our coaches live the lifestyle, ”explained Jacob. “Even though we’ve been in competitions before, we are very passionate and understand that most people don’t want to compete in bodybuilding competitions. It’s not our niche, healthy health really is for the average Joe; for the 40-year-old woman who wants to lose 20 pounds, wants to regain self-confidence and wants to feel better about herself.

Wholesome Health typically runs six one-hour classes per day, with a class size of six to 12 people. “We try to give each person the personal attention of an individual session in a group setting,” Jacob said. “We’re old enough to make a difference and to really do cool things. We’re big enough that people notice us, but we’re small enough to feel like it’s a little hometown gym where people aren’t just a number, they’re a person.

Each day the classes focus on a different muscle group; the workout routine is changed every month for more variety. The mission of the company is motivation. Education. Responsibility. The goal is to keep participants motivated, educating them about fitness, healthy lifestyles and nutrition, while holding members accountable.

Jacob and Zakhary emphasized that healthy health is for people of all abilities. There are modifications available for those who are just starting out or who may face an injury. “It doesn’t matter if you are a 60 year old woman or a 16 year old girl,” Zakhary said.

One thing that sets the company apart from the rest is that the culture is not based on performance (or lifting as much weight as possible, as fast as possible). “We’re focused on actually shaping your body and helping people lose weight and build muscle safely and effectively,” said Jacob.

Wholesome Health’s use of technology also differs significantly from other gyms, its owners said. The company is very active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Members have a private Facebook group where they can communicate, support and motivate each other, share recipes and ask questions.

The company also helps members use various fitness apps. One app the company has implemented is MYZONE, which is a heart rate-based system that uses wireless cloud technology to accurately and conveniently monitor physical activity. During training, participants wear a MYZONE belt, which monitors heart rate, calories, and time spent exercising. While at the gym, participants and coaches can monitor progress displayed on a TV screen.

On a mobile device, members can log into the app and see their minute-by-minute exercise details, track their progress over time, learn more about their exercise habits and also share and compare their results with others.

For its first 100 members, the company will be offering a special opening offer at $ 99 for unlimited classes for two months.

“I recommend everyone read this, give it a chance and give it a try. It could be life changing, it could help someone with diabetes or alcoholism, they could meet a really good support group, their new best friend or their future spouse, ”Zakhary said.



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