5 black fitness influencers you should follow


We all know that getting to the gym and getting back in shape can be a challenge. Fear not, here are some fitness influencers you should follow this National Fitness Month for inspiration!

Morgan Dawson

Texas-based fitness villain Morgan Dawson is more than just body goals! Not only does she give girls tips and tricks to stay in shape, but she’s also an entrepreneur. She started her own skincare business, Blessed Skin, and turned her fitness brand into a profitable one. She often shares the motivation of her followers who have always been slim and want to gain weight naturally at the gym.

Nissa Montour

Nissa could be considered your best friend in your head. Its fitness content is never the same! Some days she’s telling the story of a man who broke her heart as a voiceover for one of her workout videos, the next day she’s pumping us up to remind us that we are indeed THAT girl! The New York native has her own fitness studio, NF Studio in Brooklyn, and loves inspiring women who want to gain a healthy weight to keep pushing themselves and never give up on their goals.

Quianna Lashea

Quianna Lashea from New Jersey is quite the gem. His videos are inspiring and informative but also very uplifting. In many of her videos, you can see her practicing to gospel music. When you really think about it, what’s a better motivational playlist than gospel? Lashea also keeps him in the family by often training with her daughter, Sanai. She does all of this incredible work from the comfort of her own fitness studio designed for women, Rehab by Qui!

Latoya Shauntay Snell

Latoya has to be the most transparent fitness influencer to ever come across my timeline. She calls herself the Fat Chef, but she’s so much more than that. She shares the ins and outs of her life’s journey, from working in administration to losing 100 pounds and having negative reactions, landing in the hospital and developing alcoholism and more! She is a walking witness and does it all with a sense of humor. She doesn’t put herself in a box that a lot of people can identify with. She is shameless herself and wants you to join this journey with her.

Lala Milan

We all know Lala Milan as a social media comedian-turned-actress on shows like “Boomerang,” “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” and “Claws,” but did you know she’s also a fitness influencer? She opened up about her love/hate relationship with her body. Her lack of confidence always stemmed from her thinness and took a chance on herself and started hitting the gym. Now she inspires a community of women who can identify with that same story. Check out her fitness page!


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