3-1-5 X-Force Health Club for family friendliness and active life



3-1-5 X-Force can help you and your family return to your previous level of physical activity

Like the rest of the country, local families lost many of their routines during the pandemic.

Regular family activities, such as sports, club activities or even just socializing, have either ceased altogether or are still in some cases subject to restrictions in number and co-education. This can have an impact on family bonding time, which in turn can have a detrimental effect on the well-being of the family.

Along with extended periods of confinement with school closings and working from home, many families want to resume healthy habits for 2022.

3-1-5 X-Force offers courses for children, courses for adults and many group sessions

According to the site Mental health United Kingdom, “Doing things that help us relax, feel happy, or calm, like exercising, eating well and sleeping, are integral to taking care of ourselves and contributing to your mental health. Mental health is just as important as physical health and they influence each other. “

For families with children and young adults, the disruption has touched many areas of life and left a lot of anxiety, which local fitness experts are keen to help address.

The Chief Medical Officer has set a daily physical activity goal, which X-force says can help families in a number of ways.

“We’re community at heart, and we love having families who exercise and have fun with us.”

As the country recovers from the pandemic, many people want to increase the amount of physical activity they get, and this is where a gym like 3-1-5 X-Force can help.

According to owner Sean Thornton, government research has shown that family activities have proven benefits for overall well-being.

He said: “There are real improvements in a child’s development when they come from an active family, compared to just being active with their peers. These learned behaviors can help develop healthy habits for life, while being great fun to do as a family. There are physical, social and mental health benefits of being an active family, and it’s something we really want to encourage. “

Finding the time to adjust to family and work life can be difficult, but the last timetable offers classes for children, classes for adults and many group sessions, making fitness as accessible as possible.

Sean added, “We are community based at heart and we love families to exercise and have fun with us. If anyone has any suggestions for activities they would like us to offer families and caregivers, we would love to hear them.



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