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Loan consolidation is the only way to get rid of unbearable financial burdens if you have used several different loans, loans and leases in the past, the repayment of which is beyond your financial capacity. If you are in a difficult financial situation and if you are in danger of personal bankruptcy, execution or even auction of real estate, then you are right with us. Loan consolidation offers the possibility of an incomparably lower interest rate, thus reducing monthly installments by several thousand, often up to tens of thousands of crowns per month!

Why consolidate with us?

For example, if you are now repaying three loans, a disadvantageous leasing of a car, and an expensive credit card, you can combine these loans with us to significantly reduce your monthly payment. You will only repay one loan, which is free of charge! We will replace all your obligations with a single loan from us. The unrivaled advantage is the interest rate we offer. Each of our clients can get an interest rate from 6.95% pa!

Advantages of loan consolidation with us

Advantages of loan consolidation with us

  • Possibility to set flexible repayment period
  • Possibility of merging a wide range of commitments
  • Consolidation leads to a decline in interest rates and a decrease in monthly payments
  • Possibility to get a very low interest rate, starting from 6.95% pa
  • Only one creditor represents a better bargaining position for the borrower
  • Possibility to draw credit above the refinanced amount.
  • Zero monthly fees for credit account maintenance
  • Possibility to draw up to 60% of the value of the mortgaged property
  • money from an approved loan in your bank account within 7 days

We can set maturity up to 75 years! This means that a non-bank loan to consolidate loans with us can also apply to a person who is 60 years old at the time of application! In this case, you can set a maturity of up to 15 years!

What interest will we offer?

What interest will we offer?

Do they promise you in the competition that they will “forgive you” a few installments if they are properly repaid? Then believe that this is the last few installments that may not even occur! For example, if you repay the loan earlier, it will be difficult to forgive the installments that will not even happen!

With us, we automatically set a lower interest rate right from the second year of early repayment, which of course immediately reduces your monthly payment! But that’s not all! In this way we will reduce your interest, and thus the installment, the second year, the third, and even the fourth and fifth years! So you will have an ever lower installment each year! Starting from the fifth year, you will be set interest, which no other non-bank loan provider will offer, namely 6.95% pa, APR from 7.9%. You only need to pay back in time. This interest rate is guaranteed from us for the entire maturity!

Real estate consolidation

Real estate consolidation

By merging all loans into one, you can solve your unbearable financial situation and ease the pressure on your home budget. Upon consolidation of collateralised property your existing obligations will be fully paid and the remaining funds will be transferred to your bank account. You can use this money for anything!

You can borrow up to 60% of the value of your property!

From this non-bank debt consolidation loan you can use the money to:

  • consolidation of all loans (possible payment of overdue liabilities)
  • payment of a disadvantageous car leasing
  • avert imminent execution

You can use:

  • family house
  • apartment in private ownership
  • building plot
  • holiday chat

Real estate owned by a third person can also be guaranteed.

To handle loan consolidation we will need:

  • few photos of real estate

We do not need anything more, and unlike the competition, not your ID! Property estimation for our clients for free!

If you want what (not) we need, you can see on the page What do I (not) have to prove for the credit assessment?

Apply for a LOAN

Would you like to read more details about loan consolidation? With great care not to get bored, we have prepared an article for you to read what loans and credits that are disadvantageous to you can get rid of through consolidation. Furthermore, on this page you will learn the most common reasons for loan consolidation, and of course its benefits.

Take 3 minutes of time, if necessary. a good coffee, sit back and just click: Loan Consolidation – Consolidate or Not Consolidate?

As the only non-banking entity in the Czech Republic, we offer our clients one full loan repayment, first in full and second every year ! You don’t pay nonsense fees with us! We will pay you! You only have to pay back in time. No other conditions or hooks!